Longas has developed Morphoseq™, a disruptive DNA sequencing technology with proprietary chemistry and algorithms. Morphoseq Delivers long-read results on industry-standard next generation sequencing platforms to improve resolution, accuracy and cost-effectiveness in genomics.

Longas has developed Morphoseq™, a disruptive technology designed to dramatically improve the performance of industry-standard NGS platforms, by increasing effective read lengths, with benefits in accuracy and cost efficiency. Morphoseq effectively converts short read sequencers into virtual ‘long read’ sequencers, enabling finished-quality genome assemblies with high accuracy, including resolution of difficult-to-assemble genomic regions.

Longas was a spin out from the ithree institute at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), initially based on research led by Professor Aaron Darling, a world-leading computational biologist and co-founders Professor Ian Charles and Dr. Catherine Burke. The Company was founded in 2015, operating in stealth mode until its public launch in May 2019.  Based in Sydney Australia, the Company was led by renowned NGS leader, Nick McCooke. Longas was sold in an undisclosed transaction.

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