PKG Health (Global Kinetics)

PKG Health is empowering lives through precision medicine in neurology.

The PKG® system is upgrading the standard of care and improving outcomes for people with neurological movement disorders, providing a continuous, objective assessment of movement disorder symptoms, such as tremors, dyskinesia and bradykinesia, during activities of daily living and in the patient’s home environment.

An industry-leading, clinically validated FDA Class II cleared algorithms power precision medicine for patients, clinicians and our life science partners.  With a 7-day battery life, it is worn continuously throughout the day and night, recording activity and inactivity in millisecond clips.

After receiving the PKG Watch, patient data is collected continuously during activities of daily living and sleeping in the home environment. It can be programmed to remind patients to take their prescription medications and record their compliance.

The PKG® system consists of a wearable recording device, patented algorithms and an HCP portal that provides summaries and advanced analytics to help better understand patient’s progression and responsiveness to treatments. Patient and caregiver apps are also available.

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