Global Kinetics Corporation

Global Kinetics Corporation's Parkinson’s KinetiGraph™ system provides point of care measurement and reporting of Parkinson's disease (PD)

Global Kinetics Corporation is a privately held, commercial-stage digital health company revolutionising the management of Parkinson’s disease (PD) by providing the first continuous and objective measurement of patients’ symptoms in everyday environments.

The company’s Parkinson’s KinetiGraph™ system (PKG™ or Personal KinetiGraph™ in the USA) is a patient-friendly, algorithm-based system that records patients’ movements over the course of several days and creates data-driven reports that empowers more personalised treatment and management decisions—ultimately leading to a higher quality of life for patients.

PD is a progressive and disabling neurological condition leading to potential loss of employment, loss of independence and eventually nursing home care. It is the second most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s disease. With increasing longevity and demographics, the prevalence of PD will unfortunately increase.
To date, Global Kinetics has supported clinical decisions for doctors who treat patients with Parkinson’s disease across 17 countries with more than 3,000,000 hours of clinical data from our FDA-cleared, CE-marked PKG™ wearable device. Global Kinetics, a privately held company, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in London UK, Minneapolis and Portsmouth, NH USA