Allay Therapeutics

Allay Therapeutics is combining non-opioid analgesics and biopolymers to deliver weeks of localised pain management

Allay Therapeutics is a Menlo Park based startup, formed by The Foundry – a leading San Francisco incubator – in 2016. Allay is developing TKAine, a bupivacaine releasing polymer depot for the management of the significant pain associated with total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The TKA market is substantial and rapidly growing and pain management represents critical component of post-operative care. TKAine will address this unmet need by release a bolus of bupivacaine within the first 72hrs (when pain is most intense) followed by sustained release out to 14 days post-surgery, simplifying pain management practice in TKA and providing an alternative to addictive and poorly tolerated opioids.